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Created and designed for animals

VeggieAnimals was created to carry out efficient actions to help animals through feed, snacks and food supplements. As vegans and activists, we decided to go for 100% natural food that meet all the needs of dogs and cats and, at the same time, allow us to support the creation of a more honest and fair world for all.

Our personal and financial commitment – where you are a key player, keep this in mind – towards the animal rights movement continues to flourish, and is reflected in food donations to sanctuaries and animal shelters, sponsorship and fostering, educational campaigns and social cooperation. We are committed to saving and improving as many lives as we can. Can we count on you?

They are already part of the family

We know the ongoing emergencies that animal shelters, associations and other activists have to face and overcome. For this reason, we offer permanent discounts of 10% and free shipping on all our products to support those groups focused on animal protection and advocacy.

Sanctuaries & associations

We are aware of the constant emergencies faced and overcome by the protectors, associations and sanctuaries. For this reason, from our beginnings in 2014 to March 2022, we have offered discounts and free shipping to groups focused on animal defense and protection. Unfortunately, between the pandemic and the war it has become very difficult to continue to help them with discounts, but we hope to continue to support them in other ways.

Achievements as an organisation

Donated food

Since 2015, we have donated around 5,000 kg of food to shelters, associations, cat colonies and sanctuaries with the aim of ensuring that all animals are healthy, happy and well fed. This enables the centres to use this part of their budget to help other animals in need.

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Of dog and cat food donated to shelters

Helping shelter maintenance

In 2018, we paid for the annual maintenance of the dogs and cats at the shelters La Vida Color Frambuesa (Euskadi/Basque Country) and Santuario La Frontera (Ciudad Real), trying to make life a little easier for many animals with a rough past… and for their carers!

0 Shelters
In maintenance during 2018

An infirmary for La Vida Color Frambuesa

During 2017, VeggieAnimals helped the La Vida Color Frambuesa Shelter to create an infirmary with capacity to care for 14 animals. This new space allows the shelter to welcome and take better care of the residents and improve the monitoring of hospitalised animals.

0 Animals
Who need attention

Supporting those most in need

What if we told you that saving the lives of thousands of animals every year also allows us to help people? At VeggieAnimals, every time you place your order with us, you support the work of people at risk of social exclusion. Thanks to you, we can outsource services and collaborate with brands and suppliers that advocate and invest in vulnerable groups.
For this reason, in recent years, we have established partnerships and actively cooperated with the Cares Foundation, the Lantegi Batuak Foundation, the Ampans Foundation and the CET La Calaixera.

At VeggieAnimals, we rely on the Cares Foundation (Fundación Cares) for the logistics and preparation of your orders. We are delighted to know that the foundation provides decent jobs for people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion in the logistics industry through a sustainable, non-profit project.

Lantegi Batuak creates job opportunities for people with disabilities in Bizkaia. One of its goals is to improve the employment opportunities and quality of life of its employees, while supporting inventory and order picking tasks for companies such as VeggieAnimals.

For several years, we collaborated with the Ampans Foundation for the supply of VeggieAnimals order boxes, supporting this entity which, until its closure, promoted the work of people with different degrees of intellectual impairment.

The printing services hired by VeggieAnimals were carried out by the Centro Especial de Trabajo La Calaixera. The CET La Calaixera is an association focused on the rehabilitation of people with mental disorders with which we are very proud to have been able to collaborate.

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Sponsoring means creating an unbreakable bond between the sponsors and the animals in need through financial and other support. At VeggieAnimals, we are committed to providing a little extra happiness to all our sponsored pets with events such as:

  • Paying the maintenance costs of “las Mañicas”, who are 13 wonderful female cats that we rescued from the Zaragoza kennel on Christmas Eve 2017, who were very ill, and who now live happily at La Vida Color Frambuesa Shelter.
  • Providing Internet and telephone to the La Frontera Sanctuary, by sponsoring Pablo, a precious lamb during his first 7 months of life.
  • Provide financial support to La Vedruna for Tíbet, Teo and Kirby, three beautiful rabbits, for 3 months.

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Some of our sponsored animals


Since June 2019, we take in stray animals, taking them out of kennels and searching for happy and safe homes for all of them. As of that date, the total has now reached 106!

At VeggieAnimals we are committed to keep on giving our contribution as foster homes, assisting in all cases where we are able to do so, and by supporting with our care, resources and time.

Every animal that has passed through our lives is special and unique. Thanks to them, we live incredible experiences and thanks to them we learn a lot, especially about their resilience and their will to live.

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Some of our foster animals


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